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The Redicon is Ours!


CSS acquired the Redicon building in the beginning months of 2016 and has become the corporate headquarters for CSS. The 46,132 square foot space is now home to CSS call center representatives, the Marketing division, Executives and many more.


An in-house TV and radio production crew, and marketing division expansion has been brought to a reality by obtaining the larger space.


The Redicon complex is located at 2824 Woodlawn Ave. Northwest, Canton, OH, 44708.

The Call Center is Up...


The CSS call center cubicles are up and ready for the set move in date. The computers, chairs, and phones lines are here, and in the process of getting everything up and running. CSS is set to go live in the call center Friday, April 27. This will be the first test run of our new ECC Shortel advanced phone system with CSS call representatives.

CSS Improves Call Center Phone System


CSS has partnered with TTx Teletronics to implement Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) an advanced call center phone system. ECC provides integrated phones, email and chat with CRM, advanced call routing and reporting. This allows for robust reporting features, multi-modal communications tools, IP telephony and application integration.


CSS representatives can now put business intelligence right where it’s needed and communicate with a designed platform to the consumer-driven market place. By utilizing the business application integration Salesforce.com; improving performance in multiple areas.

CSS optimizes operations by blending inbound and outbound calls. “Call control is distributed over all components and managed with a single-image view,” ShoreTel states. ECC offers advanced functionality on a multitude of features, enhancements and specialized applications like Salesforce. Other applications that are added for additional functionality are dashboards, enhanced reporting applications, real-time work group monitoring, report automation, and other custom reports.


ShoreTel designs the phones, switches and applications to ensure that the unified communications platform delivers optimal performance. “The easiest onsite phone system to deploy, use, manage and scale --saving resources and lowest total cost generation of ownership,” ShoreTel states. CSS call representatives can easily schedule calls to the customer’s flexibility, by scheduling in different time zones or specific days of the week. The call representatives can also preview customer information at the touch of a button to better prepare for the call, while managing

their dial lists though CSS’s ODBC compliant database.


ShoreTel stands by their signature-distributed architecture by stating it is 99.999% reliable for the highest availability. CSS is ready to put this system to the test and provide the highest technologically advanced contact center system to their clients.

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Designed to be effective, innovative and knowledgeable, we encourage you to tap into the dynamic of CSS, your strategic direct marketing partner for multichannel solutions and increased ROI.



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